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Warmup 40 Second Keep Away.txt

40 Second Keep Away


This is a great warm-up for a team game/activity that involves man-to-man defense. Small teams of 4-5 students to optimize physical activity. Teams play "Keepaway" from each other. Who ever has the ball at the end of the 40 seconds earns a point. Teams alternate who starts with the ball during each of the 40 second time periods. Each team tries to earn as many points as possible. Teams can rotate after a few rounds so that they continue to play against new opponents. 


  • Can not run with the ball (may take 3 steps to slow down/stop).
  • Dropped balls, incomplete passes and out-of-bounds balls result in a turnover.
  • May only hold the ball for 3 seconds.
  • Must give players 3 feet (arm's distance) when playing defense.


  • Foam ball or other implement




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