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Upper Grade Impact Activities

Students participate in a variety of "stations" to participate in MVPA including "Grab the Flag," jump rope, and "Block Out".

Grab the Flag: Students, in a confined space, work to collect flags from others while protecting their own. Utilizes pursuit and evasion skills.

Jump Rope: Each student jumps their own rope. Students may focus on just jumping or may perform tricks and routines.

Block Out:  Students in groups of 4-5. All but one student is in a circle with their hands on the shoulders of the people to the right and left of them. The other student is "it." The students in the circle select one person that they are going to protect and they work collaboratively to block out the person who is "it" from tagging the person they are protecting.

These activities can be done as stations, where groups of students/classes rotate through them (spending 5-10 minutes at each one), as physical activity breaks or as lead-up games for other activities.


  • Jump ropes




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