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Primary "Impact" Warm Ups

Students participate in a variety of "stations" to participate in MVPA including hula-hooping, following locomotor pathways, circuit training and "See You Later Alligator" Tag.

These activities can be done as stations, where groups of students/classes rotate through them (spending 5-10 minutes at each one), as physical activity breaks or as lead-up games for other activities.

Hula Hooping: Students may do traditional hula hooping or they may work to perform tricks using different parts of the body and/or multiple hoops.

Locomotor Pathways: A pathway is painted (or written in chalk) on the blacktop. Students perform different locomotor skills as they travel the path.

Circuit Training: Students rotate from a number of stations where they perform the activity that is pictured on the card. Once they have performed the activity, they rotate to the next station. Students continue to rotate station-to-station over and over.

See You Later Alligator: In a defined space, a number of students are "it" and are wearing pinnies. If some one that is "it" tags a student in the activity area, the person who is tagged has to do a set number of jumping jacks. Sporadically, around the perimeter of the activity space are hula hoops, which are "safe." Students may stay in the safe area until some one else comes in and says "See You Later Alligator" and then the person in the hoop has to leave and go in to the activity area and let the student who said "See You Later Alligator" take over the safety hoop.  


  • Hula Hoops

  • Station Cards




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