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Pictured above are department members from the 2015 San Diego CAHPERD Unit Middle School Program of the Year:  Correia Middle School, San Diego Unified School District.

The support of site and district administrators is critical to the success of a physical education program.  It is not just the allocation of resources and the management of resources that is vital...it is also the support of physical education as an academic discipline.

The focus of physical education has evolved over the years.  Student learning outcomes no longer focus on teaching students how to play sports.  Instead, they are centered around the development of students' physical literacy.  Physical literacy can be described as the skills, knowledge, fitness and motivation to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The current Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools are designed to provide the structure for a developmentally appropriate progression of physical, cognitive and social outcomes that fosters students' physical literacy.

This new focus, and set of new student learning outcomes, means that just keeping students "busy, happy, good" is no longer acceptable.  Instead, physical education instruction should include 21st Century learning strategies, rigorous engagement with physical education content, alignment with Common Core State Standards, performance-based assessment and engagement in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) at least 50% of class time.   

To help teachers make these shifts, administrators are encouraged to:

  • Visit classes and use some of the resources featured on this website to assess strengths and areas to improve
  • Engage physical educators in conversations around student learning outcomes, standards-based instruction, 21st Century learning, collecting evidence of student learning and steps being taken to increase students' physical literacy
  • Include physical education teachers in campus-wide initiatives
  • Provide access to meaningful professional learning opportunities that are specific to the needs of the physical educators on your campus
  • Celebrate progress and student learning in physical education
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