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Observation Tools

Foundations for Quality Physical Education: Observation Guide:  Describes what quality physical education looks like in a typical lesson.  Can be used by teachers asa a self-assessment, peers/colleagues to provide feedback and administrators for informal/formal evaluations.  

Implementing Best Practices

Best Practices Brochure:  Defines "Physical Literacy."  Describes shifts in practice to support developing the skills, knowledge, physical activity, motivation and feelings about physical activity that are likely to develop students' physical literacy.

Best Practices

Quality physical education is more than just keeping students physically active.  Quality physical education supports the development of students' physical literacy.  This doesn't happen on accident.

The resources on this page describe what quality physical education looks like.  Both the Best Practices Brochure and the Observation Guide describe instructional practice that focuses on a specific learning outcome, engaging students rigorously with content, strategically structuring instruction, providing students with critical feedback and collecting evidence of student learning.  

Seven Keys to Effective Feedback


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