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Third Grade

Curriculum Maps & Unit Plans

Instruction organized around common Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), standards or themes.

Lesson Plans & Learning Progressions

Plans and/or strategies for engaging students with content to achieve the Student Learning Outcome (SLO).


Formative & Summative Assessment Tools

Tools to collect evidence of what students know and are able to do.

Management Strategies

Maximize time students are engaged with content or participating in MVPA to help manage time, transitions and more!


Warm-Up, Cool-Down, Activity Breaks and MVPA Opportunities

Activities to engage students in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA).

Misc Gems



Students are more comfortable combining skills in to movement patterns.  They show a willingness to try rhythmic movement including dance.  The importance of fitness activities increases.  3rd graders are ready to begin setting goals.  They have a keen interest in understanding “why.”  They enjoy working in small groups and have developed a stronger sense of wrong and right.


Standard 1:  Students demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Students become more proficient at combining basic locomotor and nonlocomotor skills in to modified games, dances and jump roping sequences.  They begin executing manipulative skills while moving and avoiding obstacles.  They can perform locomotor skills on low-level balance beams. 

Standard 2:  Students demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.

3rd graders can describe correct technique for manipulative skills with detail and can explain why and how they are used in different situations.  They recognize that they can alter speed and direction to avoid an opponent. 

Standard 3:  Students assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance.

They continue to participate in MVPA at least three days a week and have incorporated a warm-up and cool-down in to their routine.  Students are increasing the number of fitness related activities they can perform and are adding increasingly more difficult activities.  3rd graders learn how to lift heavy items properly and continue to monitor their progress. 

Standard 4:  Students demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance.

3rd graders understand the body’s reaction to physical activity and the need to warm-up and cool-down.  They are learning the five components of health related fitness, the principle of progression, and the cardiovascular system.  They are refining their understanding of muscle groups and proper lifting and stretching techniques to avoid injury. 

Standard 5:  Students demonstrate and utilize knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.

Students are beginning to enjoy setting goals and tracking their progress towards them.  They can work collaboratively, using encouragement, with a partner and understand consequences of not following rules.  3rd graders are beginning to appreciate differences in others.


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