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High School Elective

Unit Plans

Instruction organized around common Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), standards or themes.

Lesson Plans & Learning Progressions

Plans and/or strategies for engaging students with content to achieve the Student Learning Outcome (SLO).


Formative & Summative Assessment Tools

Tools to collect evidence of what students know and are able to do.


Management Strategies

Maximize time students are engaged with content or participating in MVPA to help manage time, transitions and more!


Warm-Up, Cool-Down, Activity Breaks and MVPA Opportunities

Activities to engage students in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA).


Misc Gems



Students are encouraged to take physical education electives to focus on activities that they are interested in pursuing for the rest of their life.  This is their opportunity to develop highly specialized skills that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle after high school and beyond.  

Note:  Both High School Course 1 and High School Course 2 should be completed prior to a student enrolling in elective physical education courses.


STANDARD 1:  Students demonstrate knowledge of and competency in motor skills, movement patterns and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Students develop advanced knowledge and skills in elective courses. They take greater responsibility as independent learners and make connections to opportunities that they may pursue activity in their community.

STANDARD 2:  Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles and strategies.

Fitness activities in elective courses are activity specific. Students will continue to track their fitness levels and will better understand the effects of their elective on their overall fitness and health.

STANDARD 3:  Students demonstrate knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.

Leadership is a focus of elective courses and students can be given greater responsibility to organize and plan fun physical activities in and out of class.

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