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Before/After School

Unit Plans

Instruction organized around common Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), standards or themes.

Lesson Plans & Learning Progressions

Plans and/or strategies for engaging students with content to achieve the Student Learning Outcome (SLO).


Formative & Summative Assessment Tools

Tools to collect evidence of what students know and are able to do.

Management Strategies

Maximize time students are engaged with content or participating in MVPA to help manage time, transitions and more!


Warm-Up, Cool-Down, Activity Breaks and MVPA Opportunities

Activities to engage students in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA).


Misc Gems

HPE-MS Collab


Before and after school programs play a key role in developing students' physical activity habits.  By providing regular opportunities for students to engage in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA), they can improve students health, fitness, cognition, concentration and self-confidence.  Selected activities should be developmentally appropriate (check out the California Framework for ideas), and should provide the opportunity for ALL students to get (and keep) their heart rates up.  

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that students receive at least 60 minutes of MVPA per day.  For students who attend before and after school programs, the only way they will receive their full "daily dose" of physical activity is by incorporating physical activity time in to the before and after school daily schedule.


Check out the California After School Physical Activity Guidelines by the California Department of Education (CDE) that are listed below.  They give a great outline to create quality physical activity routines in before and after school programs.

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